Why Corporates Need a Personalized Adaptive Learning Platform for Successful Corporate Training?
By MRCC on 5 Oct, 2020 | Adaptive Learning

Every organization is unique, and so is every mind that works in the organization. Priorities and needs differ – that is why the ‘one size fits all’ approach needs to take a backseat. Today modern businesses are characterized by a multigenerational and dispersed workforce. With such a mixed bag as a central characteristic of organizations across the globe, training can no longer be uniform for all. So this brings us to the big question: How can personalized adaptive learning solve complex workforce challenges to deliver successful corporate training?

The answer to this question lies in Adaptive Learning. Whether your team is grouped across multiple locations or they’re working from home, or whether it consists of a mix of baby boomers, millennials, or even generation Z, adaptive learning technology can cater to all needs. This is especially true in competitive times, when we expect training to be personalized, predictive, and proficient.


Since the question is no longer “How do I offer my workforce more learning programs?” but instead “How do I offer an employee the right learning program that suits his/her requirements in the right context?” Adaptive Learning is ideal when it comes to quick, personalized, and proficient training that modifies itself according to the learner’s needs.

Here are a few things that make adaptive learning unique:

  • Adaptive learning is an online delivery method that automatically adjusts to the need of the learner
  • It recreates at scale the optimal teaching approach of a one-on-one personal tutor
  • It uses proven data analytics and intelligent technologies to adjust in real-time to deliver an optimal experience


As part of a study in 2016, Harvard University’s HarvardX applied adaptive learning and assessment algorithms to a massive open online course. The outcome observed was that learners who received personalized content outperformed those who received non-personalized content by 19%. source

Best-in-class companies are 12% more likely to consider the adoption of adaptive learning to be a top driver of employee performance improvement.


While learning or training we often hit roadblocks that result in delayed outcomes, so let’s take a look at some areas where Adaptive Learning can come to your aid.

  • What subject do you want to study? is solved through CURRICULA ADAPTIVITY
  • What is the next best step? is solved through NEXT TASK ADAPTIVITY
  • What is the best way to help with this task? is solved through INTRA-TASK ADAPTIVITY

adaptive learning



An adaptive learning strategy transforms training approaches, to overcome the learning challenges faced by employees. Time-crunch is a serious challenge we face in the workplace and the major problem with traditional corporate training programs is that it takes time to deliver them, thus burdening the most valuable asset: your staff!

Since the Adaptive Learning Model is an algorithm-based teaching system, it adjusts to the needs of every learner in real-time. This element of personalization allows the model to present to the learner with specific learning content that only they need to know, thus reducing training time by half and still ending up with improved learning outcomes. By virtue of this, it is plausible that when your employees only spend half the time in training that they used to, they are applying the saved time to your business, which for me builds the perfect case for willfully adopting adaptive learning!

adaptive learning reduces training time


Let’s take a simple example to explain this. There are three new hires: Learner 1, Learner 2, and Learner 3 who need training in content authoring. Each of their competency levels differs in the initial stages. However, after indulging in Adaptive learning it is seen that each of them achieves 100% proficiency, with notable differences in time. Since Learner 1 was most competent initially, it took him only 8 minutes and 25 seconds, whereas Learner 3 who showed the least competency took 33 minutes and 40 seconds. Therefore what we understand is that no matter whatever stage or skill level you are at, the Adaptive Learning technology will tailor a unique path for you according to your pace to reach 100% proficiency.

unique paths to proficiency


Amidst an array of different adaptive learning platforms that are available in the market, I feel the platform that does complete justice to the constantly evolving workforce is the world’s first four-dimensional Adaptive Learning Platform, Area9 Rhapsode. This unique platform utilizes sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically optimize the learning path by adapting to the users’ existing knowledge and closely mimicking real-world cognitive situations, thus providing an effective and engaging experience. The experience is enhanced further by using technologies under the RHAPSODE platform to achieve desired results. Here are some of the key features that give it an extra edge as compared to the other platforms in the market.

  • Flexible licensing options
  • Seamless integration with third-party LMSs
  • Completely cloud-based
  • High level of data security
  • Formative and confidence assessment


With the ability to automatically optimize the learning path to the user’s existing knowledge and confidence levels, it replicates the one-to-one interaction of a coach and a learner. The result is a scalable solution that dramatically shifts cost by helping learners learn much faster; thus, reducing the training time by 50%. It also offers multiple publishing tools that are supported by AI, which can efficiently create, curate, and deliver personalized digital content. Take a look at how this can benefit you.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of training time by 50% with 100% proficiency
  • Efficiency and engagement
  • Effective communication and critical thinking
  • An optimized trajectory of learners
  • Collaborative and adaptive learning space
  • Knowledge retention
  • Growth mindset
  • Knowledge into practice integration
  • Saved training costs
  • Boosted knowledge, skill development, and self-awareness
  • Improved engagement and productivity


In the current competitive landscape, it’s necessary to build training that your employees need, so that they willingly embrace it, even if it is not mandated. The key is to induce a sense of desire and want rather than having to force-feed it to them. At the end of the day, this is what enables our people to make the right decisions and constantly improve their performance. Adaptive Learning enables enterprises to identify future opportunities through the proactive reconfiguration of business models.

At one glance, developing an adaptive learning strategy might look overbearing and complex. However, in reality, this is far from the truth. Implementing adaptive learning for your enterprise takes a minuscule amount of effort as compared to the benefits it brings to the table. So if you intend to accelerate and maximize the productivity and growth of your workforce, you should spare a minute to consider the need for adaptive learning, because truth be told the stakes are high and the competition is rough!

If I have piqued your interest in incorporating adaptive learning into your corporate training processes, I would love to help! MRCC specializes in helping companies and academic institutions craft unique eLearning experiences to accommodate all of the benefits of the digital age.

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