Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blended Learning for Your Corporate Training Program
By MRCC on 2 Jul, 2019 | eLearning

Blended learning is the amalgamation of instructor-led training and eLearning which has found varied innovative applications such as Virtual Instructor-led training. VILT helps deliver a face to face session in the virtual environment which can overcome geographic constraints while maximizing the reach of the instructor-led training.

E Learning authoring tools help in creating a perfect blended learning environment which can be customized to the needs of the organization. It develops real-world skills and helps in hands-on practice that can be immediately utilized in the workplace. Let us discuss some of the creative applications of blended learning. This kind of learning allows social sharing online which encourages fellow learners to interact and thus builds a healthy competitive environment. It can also allow online support for learners 24/7 which encourages productivity and learn at your own pace philosophy.

A learning management system is a part of a blended learning environment wherein the management can track and monitor the progress made by the employee. Learners benefit from adaptive learning principles where they can choose to learn as per their level of skill proficiency, choosing to skip the basic levels for an advanced level or going back to the basics to build their foundational skills. Additionally, learning elements such as Gamification adds game-based learning features like competitive rules, leaderboards, badges, and dynamic interfaces to enhance learner engagement.

Blended learning is an adaptable and flexible approach to upskilling employees. The following infographic shows us the top reasons why organizations choose blended learning for corporate training.

Blended Learning

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  1. Jasmine Mirren says:

    This article made for good reading, blended learning is the way forward for organizations wanting to give their employees the best of both worlds – eLearning & ILT.

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