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Most Effective Strategies for Video Based Learning in Corporate Training

For training and learning purposes, video based content is increasingly becoming a popular choice. It is also a perfect match for corporate training as it is learner-centric and helps overcome real-world constraints. It is a versatile format, as it can be integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS), viewed during an instructor-led training, and can be shared over the intranet. It can be utilized during video conferencing and be included in a chat room forum. Its integration with various virtual learning services makes it an ideal learning tool for employees. Continue reading

Top 5 Microlearning Trends to Follow in 2019

Microlearning, as the name suggests, is getting your eLearning in small doses and bursts, in a short span of time. A practical solution to the short attention span of the overwhelmed and easily distracted millennial audience, as well as the proliferation of trends like the gamification of learning and “mobile”, “just-in-time”, and “on-the-spot” learning, microlearning is a trend that is rapidly gaining popularity and evolving as a better learning strategy.

To understand the scope of microlearning, we must first understand the vast range of what the term encompasses. It could be anything from instructional YouTube videos, interactive infographics, podcasts, mini training quizzes, short eLearning scenarios, interactive PDFs, gamification of learning, and even emails and text messages. Continue reading