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Top 5 Reasons to Add Instructor Led Training to Your Online Training Program

ELearning is soon becoming commonplace in the corporate world. Innovative trends in the virtual learning space are kicking in, with gamification, artificial intelligence and virtual reality all finding an easy fit. The long list of the advantages of eLearning easily outnumbers any grievances that people may have against it.
Even in the eLearning space, every learner or employee is different and may enjoy a different style of learning. Some people may find virtual training as automated, faceless and cold at times. Learners at times prefer a human touch in their training or face-to-face interaction. The biggest advantage of a trainer-led session is that the attendees can ask questions. Continue reading

How Corporates Can Measure The Deep Impact of Their Employee Training Program

Needs analysis and the training based on these needs are at the core of any organization’s learning and development strategies. While so much goes into understanding the need of the hour for the employee and development of the training content, unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to understanding the impact of the employee training program.

As per daily employee tracking data in the U.S by Gallup, less than one-third of the employees feel that they are involved in and committed to their jobs and workplaces. Thus arises the need for better engagement and training programs. Continue reading