Learning Simplified with ‘Netvidya LMS’ – Product Overview
By MRCC on 22 May, 2020 | Product


MRCC’s Netvidya LMS is an advanced Learning Management system that is designed keeping the New Age Learner in mind. It allows you to personally set up, deliver, and track learning, without the need for any technical expertise. Equipped with a robust assessment engine it offers customized curriculum planning, accurate performance evaluation, and advanced content management. It fosters an efficient, competent, and accessible learning culture through an interface that is user-friendly, multilingual, and intuitive. As a preferred choice among leading educational institutions, training organizations, and enterprises, Netvidya LMS offers a hassle-free, deeper learning experience that establishes impactful learning outcomes.

To get a free demo that unleashes the immense potential of Netvidya LMS, get in touch with us today at info@mrccsolutions.com or fill in the contact form below:

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