How Product Training can Positively Impact your Customer Support & Sales Teams
By MRCC on 21 Nov, 2019 | eLearning

Have you ever come across a situation where you approached a sales executive for product information only to get a blank stare in return? Or did you ever get transferred from one customer support executive to another for a product-related issue? As a product or service-based company, if you struggle to deploy the right person who would understand your customer’s problem and help them resolve it, then you would know the importance of adequately training the sales and customer support teams on product knowledge.

The customer being the King is spoilt for choices, and thus the importance of product training should not be undermined. It is no longer just a good to have component, but a very essential one for the businesses where disappointing customers with untrained staff directly translates to a loss of revenue. In order to provide the best customer experience, employees in the customer support and sales verticals should have the end-to-end product knowledge and should be provided with an opportunity to continuously learn. With the new age solutions, learning and training at the workplace are inevitable, but feasible through e-learning solutions.

It helps drive customer satisfaction and sales when your sales executives and customer representatives understand the complete product portfolio, its features, and how to resolve product-related issues. Corporate e-learning provides a great platform when it comes to training the staff on product knowledge leading to efficient sales. Let’s understand how product knowledge can make a huge impact on customer support and sales efficiency.


Building Customer Relationship

It is vital for the sales team to connect with customers by providing valuable product information and explaining its benefits. Customers need to trust the salesperson, the -brand, and the product before making a choice. A salesperson represents both the product and the company to the customer, and thus he or she should be a trustworthy source of information to the customers.

In the current times, a customer is well-researched and has access to product information from the company’s Website and other sources; so when there is a discrepancy between the online information and the information provided by the salesperson, customers start doubting the product. Corporate training helps the salesperson to be equipped with all the current and updated product information.


Resolving Issues

Corporate e-Learning prepares employees to be able to tackle customer issues and product queries. When people buy products, they tend to evaluate the customer support provided by the company. If the sales team can resolve product-related issues and answer critical questions, then customers feel more confident in investing in the product, knowing that they would receive good customer support later.

Before buying the product, the salesperson needs to satisfy the customer’s queries and concerns about the product. Typically, customers tend to research and look for product reviews online. If they find mixed reviews on the customer service site, they will question the salesperson on what kind of support they can expect while using the product. In such a scenario, a well-trained salesperson will be aptly able to answer the customer.

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If the sales and support teams are trained and well prepared for customer’s undesirable feedback/comments, then they can provide accurate, concise and effective responses to the customers. If the sales team member is caught unaware, he or she may give unsatisfactory answers to the customers and stumble with the responses or become defensive. eLearning authoring tools help create great training content that focuses on product training and customer handling.


Bettering Selling Skills

It is easier to sell a product that you understand and are enthusiastic about. Thus, product knowledge helps improve the selling skills of the salesperson. It also provides confidence in objection handling and dealing with concerns about the product.

To create a positive customer experience and for sales closures, it is important to have good product knowledge. It helps gain respect from customers and instills faith and trust. For salesforce, knowledge is power and product knowledge helps drive sales. Corporate training on product knowledge can adequately prepare the staff to tackle customer-related challenges.

The salesperson can make use of appropriate methods and techniques to present the product to different customers when they have a wider and thorough understanding of the product. It empowers the salesperson when he or she has strong communication skills, has the accurate product knowledge and can tweak the sales presentation as per the requirements. All this will definitely lead to making a larger impact on the customers and invariably on sales.


Creating Lasting Impressions

Customers have a lot of choices and are able to do deep research on products and services on the internet. The competition is usually high with many similar products in every category and minor differences that set the products apart, and thus companies need to ensure that the customer experience is up to the mark. Having in-depth product knowledge is crucial to enhance the buying experience for the customers.

There are situations when a customer makes an enquiry about one product, but the salesperson identifies that another product or an add-on product is better suited for the customer. In such cases, when the salesperson reasons with the customer and convinces about the product that is more suitable, then the customer acknowledges that the salesperson has their interest in mind.  This experience helps build trust and a lasting impression on the customers at large.

Fostering Enthusiasm and Confidence

Deep product knowledge ensures belief in the product and enthusiasm by the sales team, which in turn can excite the customers and get rid of any uncertainties about the product. Factual product knowledge can be used to counter any challenges or objections raised by the customer. The salesperson can gain confidence by being educated on the product and display the credibility of the product to the customer. eLearning authoring tools help create powerful training material that can empower and enrich the product knowledge of the employees. Product training that focuses on needed product knowledge is effective in delivering the WOW experience to the customers.

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