Microlearning: The Perfect Companion for Corporate Training

Time is precious, but so is the increasing need to multitask, and with today’s workforce adapting to a more on-the-go approach, the days of taking time off from work to attend in-person training events have become far less feasible. MRCC’s tried and tested microlearning solutions enable the fast and targeted delivery of just-in-time learning that plays a critical role in reinforcing knowledge and delivering accurate performance support.

Why Do Corporates Need Microlearning?

Workplace dynamics, as most of us are aware of, are susceptible to constant change. Therefore, the need to offer short-focused remote learning is a must-have today. Microlearning paves way for the enhancement of other training techniques such as Peer Learning, Spaced Repetition, and Just-in-Time Training. By interacting with these highly focused bite-sized learning bursts, concepts become much easy to digest, and the likelihood of knowledge retention gets increased.

Characteristics of Microlearning

  • Brief

  • Compact

  • Focused

  • Clear

  • Varied

Our Microlearning Formats

  • corp2-1


  • corp2-2


  • corp2-3

    Explainer Videos

  • corp2-4

    Interactive Videos

  • corp2-4

    Animated Videos

  • Mobile Apps

  • corp2-4

    Virtual Reality

  • PDFs

  • PDFs are a quick on-the-go solution for just-in-time access to specific information.
  • Infographics

  • They are perfect to summarize the key takeaways. The visual approach is ideal to outline the principal aspects, which leads to higher recall and retention.
  • Explainer Videos

  • These attention-grabbing videos are extremely sharp and focused, and are great for when you want to introduce a new concept that needs to be comprehended by all easily.
  • Interactive Videos

  • Through these videos, you can add interactions to create high-impact learning experiences.
  • Animated Videos

  • These videos are ideal for conveying complex topics flawlessly and due to their attractive visuals. They work brilliantly during orientation when you need to familiarize new hires with different policies and procedures.
  • Mobile Apps

  • Not only are they ideal for accessible on-the-go learning, but they also bring in the added advantage to enable both online and offline viewing.
  • Virtual Reality

  • This immersive learning experience uses 360-degree imagery that can be used to explain to perhaps your new hires about the functions, mission, and vision of the organization.

When Can Microlearning Be Utilized?

  • When learning new concepts or complex techniques that require repetition
  • When learning a software application
  • When understanding diverse and business processes and procedures
  • When comprehending case studies
  • When practicing micro-skills that develop into larger skills

The Macro Benefits of Microlearning

  • Immediate Results
  • Diverse Formats
  • Less-Time Consuming
  • Flexible
  • Wider Accessibility
  • Boost’s Engagement
  • Improves Retention
  • Reusable
  • Easy to Update
  • Higher Impact
  • Wider Application
  • Reduces Cost
  • Increased ROI

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been assisting clients globally for 25+ in addressing their specific performance needs via our transformative services. Our microlearning solutions enable organizations to improve productivity and create a positive ROI by enabling their learners to develop and sustain core skills and competencies.