Learning Videos

With the expanse of eLearning in recent years, it is distinctively clear that learning cannot be confined to the walls of a classroom. What learners need today is the flexibility and freedom of learning that allows them to comprehend and absorb content at their own pace. While images are effective modes of visually depicting something, videos take it to the next level and provide a much more engaging experience. When targeted at the right audience, video marketing is one of the most engaging methods to explain any product or service.

Our offering of learning videos helps upgrade your eLearning content to a whole new level whether it be a product or a service. We apply the principles of cognition and neuroscience to create videos that not only get your message across but also drive maximum value.

  • Have a product or service you want to explain through a premium and immersive video?
  • Do you need videos that convey your message perfectly while uplifting your brand image?
  • Are you on the lookout for an experienced eLearning solutions provider with a team of experts and world-class processes to develop bespoke learning videos for your products/services?



Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great at eliminating the guesswork out of explaining the usefulness and function of a product or service. Learners understand and retain content better once they have seen or heard someone explain it, thus adding to the effectiveness of learning content. These videos essentially combine audio and visual stimuli to explain a specific concept clearly and comprehensively and significantly boost retention.


  • Product or service can be explained quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates guess factor
  • Ideal for mobile devices
  • Provides better conversion and ROI

Animated Videos

While still images and characters add to the interactivity of a learning video, the addition of animated characters or illustrative infographics takes it up a notch on the engagement quotient. These techniques help translate complex and content-heavy information in a more visually appealing and interactive manner. Animated videos lend themselves to be extremely useful when it comes to imparting learning in a manner by which learners can absorb information effectively and in a short duration.


  • Effectively explain complex information
  • A platform for showcasing creativity
  • Improves engagement and participation
  • Shows brand personality and generates awareness

Talking-head Videos

These videos typically involve a person (instructor/trainer) talking into the camera. This makes the video appear more personalized as it gives the learner a distinct impression of being directly addressed. The usage of backdrops or other visual cues can help enhance the overall experience.


  • Strikes the right tone
  • Engages learner/consumer by speaking directly
  • Informs and highlight specific features
  • Creates a human feel with your viewers

Dialogue-simulated Videos

These styles of videos are created by imitating an actual conversation that occurs between two or more people that can help simulate real-world scenarios for the learners. It helps people improve customer relations, sales pitches, and overall communication skills.


  • Provides experiential learning
  • Develops communication skills in a low-risk environment
  • Simulates situations for training
  • Improves negotiation and sales

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