Learning Modernization goes above and beyond just a software update with a fair and equal consideration towards content and learning materials as well. The eLearning industry is currently struggling with the challenges of repurposing extensive volumes of traditional eLearning content into newer and more updated formats. Therefore, it is important to pursue a well-thought-out and implemented modernization strategy that can effectively eliminate redundancy and appeal to the learners of today

Learning has the ability to transform organizations, and we are in the business of making that happen. A learning modernization strategy is essential to keep content relevant and effective while keeping up with technological advancements and new-age learner’s demands.


Legacy Platform to Mobile Compatible Learning

MRCC’s tried and tested eLearning solutions help modernize legacy content with special reference to flash courses. We transform age-old flash content into upgraded future-ready HTML5 formats that can be widely used across several platforms.


  • Convert legacy content into advanced formats
  • Transform lengthy courses into short modules
  • Extend the shelf-life of a course by reusing and updating old content
  • Increase ROI and reduce future upgrade costs
  • Ensure content is mobile compatible and easily accessible
  • Facilitate data storage with offline access

What do we offer?

  • Port and upgrade your legacy training content into newer and more advanced formats
  • Increase the shelf life of your existing courses by removing redundant content
  • Recreate and redevelop relevant content from the ground-up

Why Choose Us?

Our eLearning modernization solutions are future-proof, cross-platform-compatible, personalized, accessible, and self-paced in nature. We provide you with solutions that will stand the course of time and reduce your update costs while providing an effective outcome for your learner’s needs and your overall business objectives.