The art of facilitator-driven learning is, as it sounds, facilitating the learning rather than straight-out imparting said content knowledge. In simple words, a facilitator aims to create an active learning environment to match their learner’s style and requirements by enabling active participation and knowledge sharing.

At MRCC, we personalize eLearning by combining in-person teaching with the best aspects of technology-based eLearning to create a holistic learning experience for learners. This broadens the experience of a learner by making learning readily accessible anytime and anywhere and allows learners to learn at their pace.



Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

ILT involves the practice of conducting training with an instructor present either in person or via a webinar, wherein he/she imparts knowledge to learners on a specific topic and helps them understand it in greater detail. Instructors can opt for lecture-style teaching or workshop-style training to increase participation and engagement. We help organizations lead their training programs by designing and developing or refurbishing facilitator and participant guides and further aid them in developing job aids, user manuals, and video, audio, and other multimedia content for comprehensive classroom delivery.


  • Adapts to the learner's needs
  • Builds dialogue and reduces barriers
  • Enables immediate feedback mechanism
  • Develops collaborative learning
  • Enhances personal relationships

What do we offer?

  • Course Content
  • Learning Aids (Audio, Visual, Multimedia Content)
  • Assessment, Question Banks, and Worksheets
  • Facilitator/Instructor Aids

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

VILT approaches learning in a simulated location remotely so that it can be accessed across geographies and compatible digital and mobile platforms. It offers an appealing combination of personalized attention from an instructor and the convenience of online learning. It also supports interactions through online polling and online questions and enables efficient tracking and measurement of a learner’s performance. We help you create and deliver an enhanced learning environment by training learners across a wide array of locations while still retaining the personalized learning experience


  • Reduces cost and increases shelf-life
  • Provides a continuous learning environment
  • Easily customizable
  • Allows measuring and tracking of success
  • Provision for blended learning styles

What do we offer?

  • Set up effective channels for instructor-learner communication
  • Provide specialized content to drive maximum student engagement
  • Ensure high levels of collaboration
  • Integrate engaging visuals and other digital aids for training effectiveness

Train-The-Trainer (TTT)

TTT learning is aimed at training the subject matter experts (SMEs) or potential instructors within an organization who in turn conduct various learning and development or training sessions for other learners and employees. The training is not just about what to cover but also how to effectively cover it to optimize return on the training for your learners while fulfilling their learning needs effectively. We help organizations enrich the learning experiences that they provide to their learners by equipping the trainers with the right tools, skills, techniques, and delivery practices in combination with relevant technology advancements to deliver training that matches the desired expectations and yields efficient outcomes.


  • Encourages accountability and sustainability
  • Enables leadership development
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Provides knowledge management
  • Ensures flexibility of training

What do we offer?

  • Custom training to meet your business objectives
  • Service and industry-specific examples and scenarios
  • Remotely accessible sessions of varying durations
  • Localized training content

Why Choose Us?

MRCC specializes in developing interactive, engaging, and efficient ILT, VILT, and TTT solutions. With over 23 years of providing exceptional eLearning solutions, we make learning and training worthwhile by creating tailored solutions for each client that engages learners. We have garnered the trust of organizations worldwide and across industries to foster a collaborative global learning environment. We work with you as a trusted partner to drive the learning within your organizations and for your employees.