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6 Free Tools for Remote Work to Help Your Team

Hey there folks! So have you all been restricted to the four wall enclosure yet? Most of you must be aggravated annoyed and terrified of the current situation that has put lives at risk globally. But even amidst the chaos and panic, here’s what needs to be put into perspective, that no matter what the odds, mankind has always emerged victorious and stronger and times like this render us tougher. Continue reading

How Product Training can Positively Impact your Customer Support & Sales Teams

Have you ever come across a situation where you approached a sales executive for product information only to get a blank stare in return? Or did you ever get transferred from one customer support executive to another for a product-related issue? As a product or service-based company, if you struggle to deploy the right person who would understand your customer’s problem and help them resolve it, then you would know the importance of adequately training the sales and customer support teams on product knowledge.

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How to Incorporate Social Learning Strategies to Boost Corporate Training

Collaboration among employees is an essential practice for learning, this is acknowledged by organizations the world over. Social learning is integral to all learning environments as learners tend to gain knowledge more by observation, interaction, and collaboration. Social learning in simple terms is learning with the help of your social network, we tend to engage in one or the other form of social learning in our day to day activities, it could be the discussions in the cafeteria or more sophisticated interactions on blogs and social media. Continue reading

How Corporates Can Measure The Deep Impact of Their Employee Training Program

Needs analysis and the training based on these needs are at the core of any organization’s learning and development strategies. While so much goes into understanding the need of the hour for the employee and development of the training content, unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to understanding the impact of the employee training program.

As per daily employee tracking data in the U.S by Gallup, less than one-third of the employees feel that they are involved in and committed to their jobs and workplaces. Thus arises the need for better engagement and training programs. Continue reading