Bite-sized Learning: Revolutionizing Enterprise Training
By MRCC on 7 Apr, 2020 | Microlearning

On a scale of 1-10, how attentive are you? To answer this question, try to think of 5 things on your phone, that were able to hold your attention for more than 5 minutes in the last 24 hours.

Now, the guess is only a handful may have been able to come up with all 5 things, but most of us would still be in quite a fix, trying to recollect, what managed to hold our attention. You see, the challenge that most learners face today is an extremely short attention span. According to statistics worldwide, the average attention span of a learner ranges between 8-12 seconds, which quite honestly is a very limited window to make an impression.

Therefore, what we see as a solution to this challenge is ‘Bite-sized Learning’, also known as Microlearning. It is a modern approach to learning, that utilizes short, focussed activities with the explicit aim of increasing learners’ knowledge and skills through snippets of information in the target language.

Now when it comes to Enterprise Training, the learning landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Quite often employees can be distracted, bored or overloaded with information, which then ultimately leads to an undesirable performance. Hence eLearning content developers feel that the best possible way to keep employees engaged during the training process is to provide them with Microlearning modules that can be easily absorbed, and made accessible at any time.

Bite-size Learning has taken Enterprise Training by a storm, in the last few years, as it has been observed that it adds value to self-development.

Here are 5 key benefits of utilizing Bite-sized Learning:

  1. Exhaustive Long Training is replaced with Concise Bursts of Delivery

With Microlearning, the learning process becomes much more comprehensive and effective, as learners find it much easier to retain morsels of information as compared to an enormous volume of data. This method of learning increases attention and provides bite-sized opportunities to bridge the skill and knowledge gap as part of the daily workflow. It also reduces the overall cognitive overload, thus improving the capacity for knowledge retention among learners.



  1. It improves Psychological Engagement

Once you lose the attention of your learners, it is extremely difficult to draw their attention all over again, so you are most likely fighting a lost battle. Therefore when it comes to eliminating boredom from the learning and training process, Bite-sized learning acts as the perfect solution. Rather than spending a strenuous 60 minutes on a single course, with microlearning, learners will be motivated to consume short and meaningful content. It allows learners to carefully process information, without any haste or unnecessary pressure.


  1. Available in the Time of Need

As Bite-sized Learning essentially focusses on a single topic, lesson or learning objective, learners can, therefore, access these short courses even on their mobile phones when they are on the go. It gives learners the provision to choose the exact topic they want to learn about, in the hour of need, without the hassle of having to sift through tons of training content.


  1. It ensures better Learning Results and Business Productivity

Here what needs to be understood is that, apart from learning, for several corporates, Microlearning also acts as a means to procure maximum benefits with minimal effort. As compared to the amount of time spent in training, or the amount of money being spent to hire training experts, bite-sized learning effectively reduces the cost. Given the fact that training takes place in much shorter intervals, courses tend to be much more compact, thus allowing for more productive working hours.

Enterprise training


  1. Drives better Performance

It provides learning initiatives that are much more consistent and accessible, which is essential for effective performance. As this method of learning ensures that content is easily understood and retained, learners can therefore effectively apply these concepts to their job to enhance their performance. It allows learners to refresh their understanding of a concept, anytime and anywhere, thus reducing the chances of completely forgetting the entire content. Microlearning is action-oriented, where it effectively builds upon skills and boosts proficiency in learners and provides them with talent enhancement opportunities.


Take the Next step!

The adoption of bite-sized learning primarily garnered momentum with the advent of mobile learning and an increase in the number of millennial workers. It has transformed the way eLearning content developers develop content for training purposes. Now that you know some of the key benefits of Bite-sized Learning and how it enhances training, it may be the ideal time to start. To learn more, about the effectiveness of Microlearning and other eLearning solutions connect with our expert today at


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