6 Free Tools for Remote Work to Help Your Team
By MRCC on 20 Mar, 2020 | eLearning

Hey there folks! So have you all been restricted to the four wall enclosure yet? Most of you must be aggravated annoyed and terrified of the current situation that has put lives at risk globally. But even amidst the chaos and panic, here’s what needs to be put into perspective, that no matter what the odds, mankind has always emerged victorious and stronger and times like this render us tougher.

Most working professionals may have been advised to Work From Home as a precautionary measure and for many of them, this may be a first time thing, which let’s face it for a newbie could be a pretty daunting task. This can also get tricky for medium and large scale organizations. Questions like,

  • How to communicate effectively with all team members?
  • How to conduct and manage largescale meetings and presentations without meeting face to face?
  • How to manage design collaboration?
  • Do I need rigorous online training to get the job done? etc can leave you anxious!

As a learning solutions partner to clients worldwide and with our team spread all across the globe, we catch your drift. So to make life simpler we’ve put together a list of 6 online tools that can help you and your employees get the job done on time and every time, all from the luxury of your casa! (Home !!!)


  1. SLACK- Team Communications App



Basic- Free

Standard- $US 2.7/month

Enterprise- $US 5/month

Despite what the literal meaning of the name suggests, you can be rest assured this tool won’t allow your work to SLACK! It is one of the most widely used tools by teams that work remotely. It enables employees to get instant feedback and connect with colleagues either one on one or via groups.


  • It possesses the ability to install various apps that automatically report on different business activities, for eg; new product reviews, new subscribers, etc
  • Ability to pin messages and reference links to channels
  • Managing and Tracking documents on the go
  • Utilizing shared channels
  • Lightning-fast navigation
  • Setting Reminders
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds


2. ZOOM (Video Conferencing App)

Zoom App


Basic- Free

Pro- $US 14.99/month

Enterprise $US 19.99/month

Have you ever wanted to slam your machine shut when you’re faced with technical glitches like a frozen video, or no sound! Well with Zoom, you can bid adieu to those problems. It’s one of the most popular video conferencing tools, that’s easy to set up, use and manage and works well for conducting a virtual meeting for even 50+ people.


  • The fun gallery view which allows everyone to chat at once
  • HD video and audio delivery
  • A uniform platform for meetings, phones, chats & webinars
  • It works seamlessly across all operating systems
  • It integrates with Google and Microsoft to streamline your meetings.


  1. TRELLO (Project Management Software)



Basic- Free

Standard- $US 9.99/month

Enterprise- $US 20.83/month

If you need a project management tool that’s affordable, simple and is high in performance, then don’t sweat it, you can zero in on Trello. It helps remote teams enhance their productivity, through hundreds of unique ways to use the software. It can manage feature requests, keep track of product issues and updates.


  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Maintain personal boards or share with the team
  • Customizable/ Cards can be color-coded
  • Cards can be moved, copied or archived to other boards when finished


  1. InVision (Design Collaboration App)



Basic- Free

Standard- $US 15/month

Professional- $US 25/month

Team- $US 99/month

When you need your team to be completely in sync during the design process and you need the process to be flawless and executed perfectly, then you’ve got a friend in InVision! It allows you to quickly create interactive mockups for your designs, which can be shared with your teams and clients.


  • It allows you to send the client a link to an interactive prototype that they can fiddle with as if it’s an actual website.
  • It presents the design in a way that mimics an actual browsing experience
  • Provides real-time-to-do-lists( all progress from start to finish happens inside the app)
  • Hotspot links can be created which enables you to control mobile gestures and transitions that occur.


  1. MICROSOFT TEAMS (Communication and Collaboration Tool)



If you really want to unleash the power of your team, then Microsoft Teams has got you covered. It allows you to chat, meet, call and collaborate all in one place, no matter which part of the world you’re sitting in.


  • Allows you to schedule meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing ability on the platform through its integration with Skype for business
  • It syncs your meetings with your Outlook calendar
  • Allows you to add multiple applications such as One Note, to record important points during the meeting
  • Files are easier to find, as they are kept on separate tabs
  • Allows for real-time editing (all members can track the edits being made simultaneously)
  • Allows you to customize your team suite, with the apps you need
  • It provides an intelligent bot ecosystem that answers queries that may arise while navigating through your Teams suite.


  1. GOOGLE DRIVE (File Management App)

Google Drive


For any business to operate and function smoothly, Digital File Management is essential. It is ideal for those who work remotely, to access files when colleagues can’t be reached. The drive integrates seamlessly with all other apps within the G-Suite.


  • Ability to access files from anywhere
  • Ability to Store PDF or Microsoft Word documents, Excel worksheets, music files, photos, videos, and more.
  • Create and Edit documents
  • Transfer ownership of documents
  • Manage document sharing for your team
  • Track usage and trends


Remote working should not have to be a tedious and complex process. With ideal technological solutions, the right kind of online training, and the right kind of online tools we can ensure that business and work do not take a back seat. We understand your need for easy and effective eLearning; after all, we are all about simplifying technology!

Get in touch with us at info@mrccsolutions.com for all your Digital Learning needs.

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